Interviewer: - Father Rene Laurentin
Interviewed: - Maria Aparecida martins D’Avilla – nickname, “Cidinha”.
Translator: - Aida Maria Veloso Pinheiro
Date: - May 21, 1009.
Local: - Residence of Cidinha, at Victoria – Espirito Santo – Brazil.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – You said that from your young 6-years-old, you started you contact to Virgin. What did you see? How you felt; and what this event with a Virgin, at 6-years-old, brought to your life?

CIDINHA – I come from a very simple childhood, really so humble. But, I was at my grandmother house, and suddenly I saw Maria. No, first I saw Jesus. After he called someone and so appear Maria came. Well, from this, the heaven get approached so much. I did not understand what they want for, because speak too much to each other. It standee for some minutes and disappeared. And so while that first week I got me lost. I could not know what was happening. And then started happen many things like: the stars appear to be closer me and seemed dancing. And so my family realized that I was sick and needing to go to the doctor. But, Maria asked me to be silent that she will drive me from that date on. And then I got silent within fifteen days about. The event continue going on, but I never know what they want from me. I tried to follow the examples of Maria. She used to show me how to do something. It was as she said; “you have to do such!” That mother, that hose wife… I used to follow her rhythm. I loved to clean the house of poor people those neither had anything to eat. I used to go hold firewood at the woods; take home water from the well and mine. It was dried season. I saw those houses in mess; Maria approached of them and fixed everything as her style; and then I learned from her about her rhythm, and it was so amazing!

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Could you describe the Virgin as you saw her at your 6-years-old; if she has the same similarities until today?

CIDINHA – Yes! Maria never changes her vestures. No. that characterises from that time was unique! Always those little and simples vesture like at Nazareth; really very simple and never change. Sometimes, when she comes by a little older age, I got me scarred, so she starts to smile. But, she is always the same little way. So I say that she doesn’t get old or change. She is always the same thing; Maria of Nazareth!

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN - When you were 6-yars-old and saw her, it was just one time or repeated more times?

CIDINHA – No! Like that from 6-years-old, was unique. The way that they used to come was unique. After that, it continues to be normal, like human style; as normal for me.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – After that, when have you had another contact with Holy Mother?

CIDINHA – Well, going on within two weeks, and so she started to come. I don’t remember precisely, about the date, nothing; but, I remember that she started to come every day; and each day were one other day and always she was coming.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Do you use to see her every day and every week?

CIDINHA – Yes! Even first we start the interview she came here and disappear.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – So these contacts seems really naturals; they play every day!

CIDINHA – Yes, they are. But, they are not as I would like, and when I would like, but she just come when she wants; when I am not waiting for she appears.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – She appear only; or she speaks to you every day?

CIDINHA – No. She uses to speak so much few. But she always appears not just when she want to speaks. As she speak few, she use to put into my mind; do you realize that? It come to my mind and goes out from my being.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – And then you were educated and formed by Holy Mother, after your 6-years-old?

CIDINHA – Yes, I was!

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Yes! So, what the education by the Virgin, brought and increased into your life?

CIDINHA – Well, I got me full of wishes to the simple style and silence of Maria; and serve better and do everything; but really everything for my next.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Does Holy Mother recommend you what to do or she leave free to choose what kind of charity you want to?

CIDINHA – She use to show me brother in need, but leave free. But, when I act she always smiles, or she appear another time feeling happy, so I realize that she is feels referring to my good doings.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Very precise, well purpose; says to me what kind of charity you use to do? You heal sick people… what kind of charity?

CIDINHA – Well, everything; because Maria use to pointing the people in need. Sometimes, into crowd, she approaches the people and points that person.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – The Virgin ask you to visit sick people. Do you do that? What is another request that the Virgin does to you?

CIDINHA – No, I know, Holy Mother! (At this moment Holy Mother was speaking to Cidinha. After interview she explained it to us). Ok, sometimes the person is sick just on the physical body and soneed medical doctor. And then I go together and do not say that Maria is speaking about. I never let them know; I never implicate Maria. And then I help into my limits. Sometimes people are need food or more medicine. But sometimes are in need to be heard, a little comfort. Especially the women are in need to get great waggle. And then Maria orient me and going on putting done. I think it is everything.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – There is someone healed, sometime, that you assign as helped by Maria?

CIDINHA – Yes! Always Maria clarifies very well; if the son or daughter is open heart to repentance about guilt, errors and whatever wrong doings before God; so she come and help fully. It is just she and her Son; it is not my job! When people approaches with a pure heart to forgive; to change the life, when act wrongdoings; and so, for his or her transformation, Maria comes hands full of blessings to deliver, to heal, to cure; whatever, to do everything for that daughter or son so. And then I do not involve me; I just stay observing the grace playing. Really, when the son or daughter has a pure heart, everything happens, because Maria does that.


CIDINHA – Maria is coming … When she… when she. Ok! … - (At this moment we are observing that Holy Mother is speaking to Cidinha) – She shows the son/daughter it is because he is suffered in need of help. And then I approach and say; do you need help? It is like that. Does matter if the person is at her house, at street, wherever stay. Yes, everything happens naturally. When he says that he need help, I say: ok, look, would you like to speak? I love listen to people. Speak everything you want to, it will make better. And so people speak. Sometimes, there is something it harm us, by ourselves; does matter is man or woman.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – When people are into sin Holy Mother cries?

CIDINHA - She cries because she can’t to help.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Ok, when she can’t help.

CIDINHA – From the heaven may come all power and help. But, the sinner wants to continue into sin; so there is no way to be helped by her. I learned from her. When they insist at me saying; “pray to me, you may do that!” I say, no! You did not reconciliate before her!

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – When came the foundation of the Sanctuary of Maria of Tears; it was when you were 6-yearas-old?

CIDINHA - No! It came recently. Times ago she said that we were coming to work for the world. I had no idea how could be. Now I believe that the work she referred about is this one; because is delay, we are together crossing over 15 years. The events going on happen. She started to write on the leaves everything she wants to say or she needs to let us know about.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – So it was this moment that the Sanctuary was founded?

CIDINHA – Yes, it was.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Pardon! Which year, more or less, was founded the Sanctuary?

CIDINHA – it was 1995. I approached, 8 to 12 months later; 1996 the ants started embroider.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – After this time, do you go there every day?

CIDINHA – There was days those I didn’t go. But, she wrote that people need me there and I was not present to help sick men.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – What kind of sick people? Sick materially, physically or spiritually/sin sick?

CIDINHA – I really don’t know yet. I was obedient and so was there every day and help everybody. But, I don’t know.

FATER RENE LAURENTIN – Use to come many people to the Sanctuary every day?

CIDINHA – Yes. One day coming lots of people, another day less. But, they come many, frequently many.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – They come, always at Saturday and Sunday; or especially on Saturday and Sunday?

CIDINHA – No. they come at week days, because we have our home to care; our husbands; and the volunteers have their kids. I, lonely, can’t open the house. I depend of them. And then we open eachother Sunday. That is why sometimes the house get full. This past Sunday there was 3 buses and one topic. It was about 150 people, just in the morning.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – use to come more people on the occasion of Maria’ Fests, or it is normal?

CIDINHA – Yes, it is.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – There have conversions?


FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – There are reconciliation between husband and wife?

CIDINHA – Matrimony? There are many.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – There happen healings?

CIDINHA – There are many. Even tomorrow is appointed to him see medical decision (before and after) about heavy disease; impossible for the conventional medicine; how many he could attends, in the morning.

AIDA – He wants to go to the Holy Mother house.

CIDINHA – We have proof of many healed cancer. There are many cures about child into womb. Some case like; he child doesn’t want been born, the doctor have to take out because have life anymore.But I talk to the child, the life is restored and they come out.

(A little and soon discussion) – Tomorrow will be there many children 2/3- years-old about…

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN - The mother wanted they been born?

CIDINHA – Yes. They were born ok. There was one of them, who had no brain, no heart neither kidney. He been born and going on ok and intelligent….!


CIDINHA – Twenty months.

AIDA – He wants to see the medical decisions.

CIDINHA – we have everything.

AIDA – Does the girl who lost her son is here? He wants the translation of the case of her son.


FATHER RENE SPEAKS ABOUT HOLY MOTHER DURING THE LUNCH – Jesus was at Synagogue. And then she turned to him and said: My son where were you? So, Jesus turned to her and said; I was caring about things of my father. But Holy Mother did understand that at that moment. When Saint Luche wrote down that, 30 years later, so she understood. Saint Joseph die without understand it.