The gift of Father Rene Laurentin

When I came back from France, on May 2008, I came to Maria’ altar – at her house – and said: Our Lady, I was been together your son in France; it was everything so amazing! I did take something else to him see and to acquaint better concern your work. Why don’t you bring him here? Help him to come! And so, when he comes, he will need good vision to observe better your word! I insisted before her about his vision; requesting her to heal him! One day she answered me, by wrote down on the leaf, just this: “Father Rene could observe better than you because he does that by the vision of his heart”. So, never anymore, I had requested it to him anymore! And then, when he confirmed that he was coming, for sound as a dream coming into reality. It was everything ok about his trip, and so I start to request Her to give a gift for him so!

At that time, mysteriously, appear a stone at the Maria’s altar. Wow! And I got me crazy! So I said; ah, the gift of the Father, just arrive! And then, she delivered a leaf wrote down: “leave the stone at my house”. I said; oh no! I can’t pick up the stone anymore, so the father loses the gift! And then I crossed one to another side saying to her: Ah, our Lady, you don’t need to bring anything; I give to him my one! But, suddenly, it come another one stone. It was the stone of Peter, donated by her and Saint Benedict to the Sanctuary. So I said again; ah, now this stone will be for the Father! I got me so happy! But, again she, Maria, delivered the leaf wrote on it such; “Seal this stone and leave it at the altar”. So I said; ok, the father will not have a gift, so it will be really my one stone that I will give to him. So, it was done. I finish my worry and insistence about gift. But, when was close to come the father, Maria delivered another leaf wrote down as: “This is the talisman for the Maria’ Father!”
It was so amazing!

The House of Joceli

When Maria requested me to build a house for my brother – means Joceli – I said:

Ah, how can I do that? Our Lady please, I have no conditions for! Indeed, I have no possibility to build any house! So, she said to me to start, because nothing will miss for. Everything will coming to my hands.

So I said: Oh, my Lady!

I did not comment to nobody. I just let the volunteers know about. At that time we had no mission. We just used to visit the house of Joceli. Even She didn’t use to write on the leaves as she does now; she just use to write some phases and biblical passages. But, suddenly came a father from Portugal and bring a great donation. And then we could buy the lot, provide wall; provide wall even for the Joceli’ house – which now is Maria’ house. And Maria requested me to build a house as Joceli goods!

So I said: wow! What kind of house he will request for? So, I question him like; when you go to build your house, how you plan to do that? And then he said: “Will be two floors. The main is come with; leaving room, lunch room, kitchen and washroom. From upstairs come the bedrooms”. So I said to the architect: design the house as his goods, because it is Maria’ wish. And so, his house got so nice.

But, my best joy was see my brother well installed and happy; because my heart always got into pain when I got at house and saw from everywhere, many bucket full of water. Even, when come to be raining, used to leak more inside that outside. So, I used to say to Maria such: Our Lady, that is not fair that I live at a good house where doesn’t leak inside, and my brother lives like that! How can I be happy! No, it is not fair, not like this! So, come the day to his house get more amazing then my one; and so I got too much happy to face he and his family happy!

By Cidinha