According new arrangements from Canonic Rights Code; from November 15, 1966, the Holiness Pope PAUL VI had been signed a Decree from the Blessed Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, which one was published through Records of Holy Abbacy, tomo 58, page 1156 by following text:

“All writings concern private revelations as – appearances, visions, interior phrases, miracles, prophecies, etc. – may be published and read by believers, without prior express license of ecclesiastics authorities”


From November 21, 1990, the City of Serra at Espirito Santo province, started to be scenery of rare phenomena, which is out of knowledge of most of the human beings.

It concern to an image of Our Lady of Penha, 40 centimeters righ, start to shed human tears, every day at 6:00am, 12noon and 6:00pm. The news about the phenomena was spreader soon, so hundreds people started to come from various regions, lonely or as caravan to pray requesting graces, or thanks about received blessings. Together the little Image, in union, they used to pray the rosary every day at afternoon.

We know that crying represents to manifest our feelings; it may be into joy, from deep emotions, deep sadness for thanklessness received, or even for physical sufferings.
But, the sorrows of Virgin Mary were and continue being, much more than people realize. A week before and the Persic Golf’ war, on January 1991, Her yeas shed blood tears, maybe as Her last trying to move us before her sadness to face the massacre of her innocents kids. (Look at photo at side).


*To show her sufferings for the thanklessness received by most of her kids, of course.

*For the pain into her heart because of missing love among people.

*Or even, because of warlike violence against brothers; those are enslaved, as the stronger ones were the owners of the destiny of the humanity, leaving through that a trail of blood by thousands of innocent’s victims and lots of sufferings for those get survive.

*Certainly there is, even, a great worry of Virgin Mary concern unlimited destruction of the nature, masterwork left by God, ongoing in extinction for the greed of the men now a day. God had been given us a big one house provided with richness’s, with wonders gardens. Into which one personal right holds we the earth and destroys the nature?


It is reported that a local inhabitant, was into hard health sufferings. After various go and come back from the Doctor and hospitals, he already tired and sick because he did not get a clear diagnostic to justify his symptoms and pains. His wife was deep conscience catholic; so she insisted that just a miracle could set his good health back. And then they did a promise to attend the mass at Convent of Penha (Rock). In casa come the healing, they should buy an image of Our Lady of Penha, and they should become devoted of her forever. And so, the Sunday was coming they went to the Convent. As soon finished the Hole Mass, the man got free from all sufferings those was afflicting him.

The couple so acquired the image as they intended, and went back home. At the beginning, under emotion the men thanks God for the healing; but soon relatives from religious sects started to annoy him concern idolatry, saying that he was praying before the gypsum image, which means nothing, so he was sinning practicing idolatry; even saying that his healing was just a coincidence and nothing else! Even though he tried to argument how much he was suffering before he was healed; but his mind gave up for the religious fanatics’ argument and he was herded by them; Even though his wife resisted and continued show her gratitude to Virgin Mary, he became a tireless preacher against catholic faith. His favorite issue was clarity that they were practicing grave sins to make any kind of reverence or worship to the images, according doctrines from his religion. The fanaticism dominated his heart and so he forced his wife to follow him. And then, to set save her marriage and avoid discussions, she resolved to follow him. But, she was keeping hided the image of Virgin Mary, because he wanted to destroy it. He, publicly he stand preaching, promising the hell for the people, that worship or had images of saints. Already disappeared for the thanklessness of her husband, she prayed a lot; and so, one night she got the answer: the Mother of Jesus said to her, into dream that she delivery the image of Our Lady of Penha, to Claudialucia, wife of Joceli. She said even that, if come to happen something with the image, which could prevent Continue to keep the image, she should put it back to the Convent of Penha, according the promise they did before it be acquired.

Months later, before pression of the husband, the wife agreed with his decision to destroy the image donated for her niece Claudialucia, for she even used to feel guilty about increasing number of people those commit sin of idolatry, according the rules of her new religion! And then, she and her husband, accompanied by their pastor drove up to her niece house, to destroy the image; ritual knowledge by followings of some sects as holocaust. But, thanks God that Joceli, Claudialucia’ husband, was at home on that afternoon; and so into innocence, he had received them. At once the pastor stand before the image to be destroyed, his arrogance was turn down and stopped. So, static, he got dumb and was unencouraged to go ahead to perform his diabolic service. The humbleness, innocence and goodness of Joceli heart, of course, got blessings from Virgin Mary to set free from evildoing which was dominating the soul of that son of God, far from his flock.


From those times on, strange phenomena started to scare Joceli and Claudialucia, lastly their small kid, despaired, run to his parents’ bed during the night. It was because was playing strange and not explained noises at interior of the house; as was being broken cabinet or dragging furniture’s, etc.

Sometimes, even in the day, when they come back home from street, they got shocked before the mess they found at home; like kitchen utensils spreader on the floor; loose plates; too much mess from everywhere; but, no one signal showing that could be had any cracked at door and windows! Constant rainstorms used to come, within minutes, from nothing, and so rays used to cross from one to another side of the house, leaving impressive signals engraved at the floor and trees from the garden. It was really a period of too much tribulation and torment to the family.

And then, months later, the Image started change the color; sometimes it came rose; sometimes a little yellow. Once day they realize that, even though the image gypsum, it was completely frozen. Then, Joceli and Claudialucia knew and started to pray the rosary; and then they noted little tears growing from Virgin Mary yeas. Few by few, the little drops of tears became into heavy and copious tears, those run down over her face.

At those times, the son of the couple was so sick. Then Claudialucia put a glass of water close the image and so she heard a noise like an explosion of a pill into water. And soon a soft aroma was spreader into house. So, Claudialucia gave that water for her son, who got healed immediately.

From that day on, other glasses were being put close the image and they got filled up as soon were empty, without anyone touch; it were like there was a fillet’ water of water filling up them. Much the water as the oil exuded from the image, were shared with the believers; and were used as balsam of heal. And so the new were spreader more and more. Reporting from newspapers from December 1990; from April and October of 1991 and many others recorded the event. So hundreds people from everywhere arrived to pray and request blessings.

So, scared about his humble house should not support so many visitors; and even under menace by the couple that donated the image, Joceli and Claudialucia seek to the local priest, who advised him to put the image back to the Convent of Penha, according were promised, where it could be safety.


The “embroider ants” put done designs from Holy Bible, citing: the gospels, psalms, parabolas, epistles; so, what say the religions’ following, those use to say that respect the images means sin idolatry? Well, the ants those embroider the above issues; they do all others religious symbols. Is it possible that they work while a times for God; when they cite Biblical passages; and they work against Him when they put done perfect image of Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ? There are various works with biblical messages, religious symbols; image of Our Lady and image of Crucified Jesus, sometimes at the same leaf; what makes us done to believe how truth is this phenomenon, and the respect we have to the mother of Jesus Christ.

But, who are we to judge if these people are right or not? Very right it will be have enough time for these people open their mind to realize about the truly glory of God.
Right now we are having teaching to unification of the religions, through the “embroider ants”; according says the Bible: “it will be have just one flock, and one pastor, only” (John 10, 16).


On March 16, 2004; I, answering a call from Virgin Mary’ wishes, we started to write down the various events are happening at Serra city. At the beginning we were at Cidinha’s house to take the first one interview about, and so she told us concern:

*Tears exuded by image of Our Lady of Penha, since November 21, 1990.

*Blood tears exuded while going on the Golf Persic war, on the beginning of 1991.

*The “broider ants” are working on the leaves of the trees, making images of: Virgin Mary, child Jesus, Jesus crucified, personage from Catholic Church; religious symbols, citations from the Holy Bible, with letters and of Gospels; psalms and epistles in Portuguese and other idioms.

*The waters placed beside the image, many times changed the color. Sometimes they came milky, others oily even others soft tonality. There was time to come testing human tears; and another situations, came into light smelling rose. The same used to happen with filled closed bottles of water placed over there. Even the perfume continues, even though the people, who receive this water, filled up the bottle again by home water.

*Was find various days, empty glasses placed filled up close the image – as were evaporated the water – while Holy Mother was let her know that she was so thirsty. Was placed 18 glasses of water close the image just at first day, and was as evaporated. We could see as the water moved around into classes as it was being sucking by pipe.

*The oil exuded up-to-date by the image of Holy Mother is used as balsam of healing, by her instructions.

*The oil with blood present at the ulcer of the image (20 centimeters) of Sacred Hearth of Jesus. Sometimes so much water comes from this image, which could fill up various liters just in one week. It tastes tears. Once bottled, the content of some bottles change the taste to soft smell of rose.

*A little image of Saint Benedict – the patron ship of the Serra city – 30 centimeters about – which is kept into recipient to collect the oil coming from the base of the image; recently had exuded a little sweet and perfumed water too.

*From the cross of the rosary, holder at wall, sometimes leak the same kind of oil and water with accentuated flavor and perfume.

*The transfiguration of the face of the image of Virgin Mary into Jesus feature, by agglomeration of ants sucking the tears exuded from the image yeas.

*The bees work making the silhouette of the mother of Jesus Christ on the tree’ trunk.

*The silhouette of Holy Mother smelling rose, at heartwood from the garden where the event happens. The most could be cut the tree-trunk, there was, perfect, the figure of Holy Mother Aparecida. It was confirming to us, the presence of God at everywhere concern that. (Check out the photo).

*Bee honey, that sometimes staunch from Our Lady of Fatima, instead oil.

*Some bottles of oil sent to some regions, by order of Virgin Mary; and the most the product were used; the most it appeared full again.

*The small seeds, from some plants in the garden, at where we may see the silhouette of Our Lady of Aparecida (See photo).

*The astounding silhouette of Virgin Mary at jack fruit seed.

*Various silhouettes of Virgin Mary at the trunks and leaves of coconuts tree and others (Photos at page 46 on the book).

*Silhouette of Virgin Mary, stand out, made at interior avocado peel; and many others phenomena happen each day.