Serra is a Brazilian City at Espirito Santo state; which belongs to great Victoria, the capital City of same State. In fact, it is borderline the capital city and is at Northside of Victoria. There have some parts of it may be consider great Victoria. But, the town of the City is a little bit far from, and it is at north of mount Master Alvaro – big one volcanic massive, which stand up significantly the geography of the city.

Serra is the second one bigger city of great Victoria, overcome Vila Velha, the most populous one into Espirito Santo. Its town is 27 km far from Victoria town, at north of this capital city; which one is crossed by highway named BR-101.

From last 30 years on, Serra City got radical transformation, and so it was changed its style as typically rural life, traditionalist and simple experiences family, becoming the main industrial one polo at Espirito Santo and the second one Economy of the State, just overcomer by Victoria.