Interviewed – Maria Aparecida Martins d’Avilla – nickname – “Cidinha”
Translator – Aida Maria Veloso Pinheiro
Date – May 24, 2009
Local – Residence of Cidinha – Victoria – Espirito Santo

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – What else could you tell us concern?

CIDINHA – Ok, I realize that Maria ask me to help the families, for the humanity be prepared concern the end of the man in the world. This phenomenon is everything about God; therefore just He could clarify everything to everybody. I realize, in listen to women and men, that in close, the women are so much exigent with the men! It seems as they want cut off away the portrait of the man, the male being. They denigrate his image, which is the image of God, and then the men feel menaced; see his image denigrated, goes into revolt, and so goes refuge outside by addict and consequent wrongdoings. Even the woman still not happy, she defamers him, make denounces and whatever … A man, to have his wife and family going on good way, he has to subjects too much from her!
The family come done by husband and wife, after the kids those study, graduate, etc.; but if the woman is not a good one espouse, how could be good mother? What example and education her kids will be haven to going on in the world? Everything summarizes around the man and the woman. That is Maria alerts us that the family is the base of entire humanity, started by Adam and Eva.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – What is the message that summarizes Maria work here?

CIDINHA – It is on the book “MARIA OF THE TEARS AND IMBROIDERS ANTS” – at page 62 – message from June 09, 2008 – leaf take at 06:12am, which says:
“I’m Our Lady of the Leaves from the Eden Garden. The extermination of the men, women, is each day. I alert that the number of dead men already is enough for the extermination of them in the world a long of times for you defamer them. You will be into despair facing them dead. See Job 14”

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN - Have no the verse. It is difficult to find.

CIDINHA – It means entire chapter.

AIDA – He knows very well this chapter 14. But he doesn’t get your means from this message. So, he asks you to review this part.

CIDINHA – Ok, so he asked me to write the text… this kind of difficult they have when come to the Maria house and see the message. Ok, so I wrote the text.


CIDINHA – Read the message: Reflexion of Cidinha concern the message from page 62 on the Book.
“I come observing that many men, especially some priests, mean that Maria could not write as this, just speaking about the extermination of the men and mad with the women”.
My brothers, this is a God’ phenomenon! Therefore just Him could clarify to all of you, what Maria means and alert us. Sometimes I listen to women saying like: “I went to confess, the father was wonderful; I talk to him especially about my husband, so he oriented me to get separated and be happy”.

I’m sure that she reported the situation by her way; so she could convince not just the father, but anyone could listen to her. Simply she left out the times that she almost kill her partner to set him anger, saying things to benefice herself… making eulogies to others… etc.

God knows that man; and Maria follows him because he is her son. God and Maria know that woman as a superficial one. She did not respect her husband at the moment he was doing wrong; she did not give him piece of advising and encouraged him to help him; she were not a good friend for him, in opposite just wished to him badness. Returning from the confession, she still provoked and drove him against the father and set him far from the church.

Well, if that man – who loves his family - already penalized by effort to live, and the wife say to him that they have to get separated! What kind of hope and future that man could wait for, if the father could be the person to helped him by good teachings? By this way, that man go into despair and so starts to act improperly; even he will be judged by society.

Brothers and sisters, thanks God because there is a “Woman” who plays defending the loved men. It is really a good luck to have Maria beside to defend them, and drive them safe from means women, and take them to a good one life at the heaven. There is no any reason to the people get revolted and so criticize the messages of Maria, if she just want the best for us all. And everything that depends of us awake and change of proceeds only!

Well … doubt if there is question concern human hands are working to embroider the leaves?

My brothers and sisters, at the moment of your private prayers to God and Maria, ask her for an answer concern what tortures you. We don’t know who you are, and wherever in country you live. But, to the heaven does matter, you have asked by pure heart only. If you deserve, you will get your response – if Maria means it is prudent to.

The priests are so beloved and especial ones sons; for they live under renounces and dedication to serve God. They may not realize or believe, but they could get everything from Maria, for she admires them too much and wants to give them everything. But, the need to know how ask her for.

AIDA – He is smiling because you are cursing much the women.

CIDINHA – No! I’m not cursing the women. They are, indeed, difficult!

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – You are. Are you a difficult one woman?

CIDINHA – I already played hard to Maria!

FATHER RENE LAURENTN – You say that the women are perverse. Could you pay as a perverse one woman?

CIDINHA – No! No! And no! I, everyday try to correct my errors with hard and firm intention do not repeat them day after.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN - Well, some women are perverse. Not “the women are perverse”, because Cidinha is not a perverse one. You are leading me to think that she is a perverse one! You are generalizing!

CIDINHA – I’m not perverse. But, I’m human so up to practice the same errors, if I set me attentive and obedient to Maria!


CIDINHA – Yesterday he ask me about my works. Here you have the tests I had been write.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Concern your daily prayers. Do you use to make them here, or at Maria house?

CIDINHA – In the beginning morning I make them at Holy Bible. I use to meditate; pray my rosary, and so I start my day actions.


CIDINHA – It is by psalms 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – It is at beginning morning, at 4:30 am to 5:00 am?

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – What do you use to do after pray?

CIDINHA – I get up and start my day-to-day. Quick I take care my home; provide the things those my husband ask me for – he works far from Victoria – so I do everything, after that I direct me care about the things of Maria.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – What does means “care about things of Maria”?

CIDINHA – Up to midday I care about my home; serving my husband about his needs. After that I go to Maria house help her with the people. This turn sometimes is long one, as 4, 5, 6:00pm up to have people in need.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – At Maria house, what do you use to do?

CIDINHA – We get there and pray three rosaries those Maria ask us to: The rosary of Maria; the rosary of Our Lady of the Tears and Divine Mercy rosary.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – It is the rosary John Paul II used to pray. Please, continue quickly.

CIDINHA – After prayers start to coming sick and suffered people. So I get me involved talking and help them.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – After this journey, like at night, what do you use to do?

CIDINHA – When I get home, usually I have to get a little rest, at least 15 to 30 minutes, because I come home too much tired sometimes. Even though there have the volunteers to attend people, those show everything they want and talk to them; but, there are those I give especial attention. Sometimes comes lots of people; that is why I have to rest, to restore my mind because I get really tired. After do my usual home task, I do my last prayers and go bed.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Do you use to have dinner?

CIDINHA - Sometimes I have a light little food.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Don’t you attend Daily Mass?

CIDINHA – No. Daily no week mass I do. But, when happens at Serra I attend. When I have time I do.

FATHER REN LAURENTIN – Do you use to sleep well at night?

CIDINHA – Sometimes I do.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – When you do not sleep well, do you use to pray?

CIDINHA – Yes, I do.

At this moment AIDA read the report to Father Rene.

CIDINHA – I would like to end the part of the church. This is the message which one Holy Mother had been delivered on June 06, 2008 – page 63 of the book.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Why want you read this message?

CIDINHA – Concern of the church.

So, AIDA read the message from page 63, in France. That is the referred message so:
June/06/2008 – (06:20pm) – I, Maria say, the church of Christ is up to a danger of holocaust. Their religious symbols in the world will be collected and destroyed by enemy, harming rules from the Heaven. Also, be attentive; I so much advised about; the extermination of the men is there for the women guilt to defamer them. There is no way anymore; remain for them just the sepulcher”