Interviewed: - Maria Aparecida Martins d’Avilla.
Translator: - Aida Maria Veloso Pinheiro
Date: - May 23, 2009
Place: - Residence of Cidinha – at Victoria – Espirito Santo

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Cidinha could you describe the Virgin concern her face, her clothes and her manner to be and ongoing?

CIDINHA – In fact, I have no way to describe her well done! I say that describe the Virgin is too much difficult, because her beauty coming out from inside, highlights, we have nothing as compare. It brings on something as she represents all women in the world. What comes from into her, turn her most beautiful one woman among all women in the world! But, her dresses are always the most simples’ ones.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Does she always uses the same dresses?

CIDINHA – Always! Sometimes change a little bit the color… to light beige or rose; but never change more than that.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Does she wear shoes or not?

CIDINHA – Yes. She always wears rustic sandals.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – What color her hairs are?

CIDINHA – Honey color.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – I did not understand!

CIDINHA – Her hairs are a little hazel. But they are burnet by sun, and at end of hairs are yellow and oily.

AIDA – Cidinha, you said to Father in France, that there are others people those see Holy Mother with you. Does that happen always?

CIDINHA – When she comes as human in person, they do.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – So many people can see?

CIDINHA – Yes! What happen is that they do not know, “that woman” is just Holy Mother! They realize because of her humility sense; her clothes… they think about her as strange one woman…!

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – after you let them know what happen?

CIDINHA – They question me about. No. I never say that was she. But they insist that was Maria. And then, they keep into their heart that was Maria, so!

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Other people use to see Holy Mother, use to be the same you do? They do the same discretion concern her?

CIDINHA – Yes, because Maria come to us as human woman. Then they see but they do not know that is she. They observe her clothe, different, sometimes strange; but they do not know that is just her. But I know that is Maria because her divine manners.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – there are many people use to see her?

CIDINHA – No. Actually we do not know when is happen. Sometimes pass so long times, and when we are not waiting for soon come. But they never know that was Maria. They note her strange manner to dress, to behave but just it.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – How you know that people see the Virgin if they don’t know that is she?

CIDINHA – It is just because She is the Virgin! I know that She really the Virgin. We have no way to get confuse! In fact, I don’t know if I could answer you properly. But, when she comes, as human, alive, at her altar, I think as all them; volunteers, visitors are all seeing her, but they don’t! When they go away, they turn back, so I remain think: wow, why they did it? Why they left you here! Sometimes I got still sad; but they are seeing; that is why their apathy so! Rarely happens, but I know when Maria comes as human. I know when is Maria, and they are seen that woman who is Maria. Soon and normal Maria appears, walking as she uses to, and so they see a people. And so feel her different and comment: does she is your girlfriend? Why does she dress like that?

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Where they see the Virgin, at Maria of Tears’ house, or others places?

CIDINHA – Well, already happen at her house, off that time at the bus stop that we met; they see her at her house.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – From the times you started to receive them; what is the objective of the messages? Make a short resume of the messages more important, and what do these more important messages mean?

CIDINHA - Well, today I was down stairs, but I could heard even though quick, when he said that the men are suffered; they are thirst and so are looking for God but do not find. And so I realize that Maria want to help the woman help the men find God’ way. For they are as God, then they have to find God! And so, by proceed of the woman, as Maria example that we may help the men.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – So, is that the main message?

CIDINHA – Yes. The men are so much important in the earth, very important! So, we may realize that Maria want from us to help the men.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN - Do the women do not help the men so much?

CIDINHA – No! They use to go to the church every day, but they act by their way; and s they make the men suffer too much; they use to slaver the men because the women like everything by their way.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – But, the even does the same?

CIDINHA – No! They are humble and follow God; actually they are everything about God. But we, women, are most as Eva than as Maria.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – that is truth! The women use to go to the mass too much more than the men!

CIDINHA – The men are pure heart. When they hear something they get anxious to perform it. But the women, no. it is not as their way, they do not accept. They step, tap - and want see the men into disturb.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – When you go to the garden, at Maria house, do you speak such to the men and the women?

CIDINHA – Yes, I do. I had heard many women. And from now on, I do not want listen them lonely anymore. I will do, but they have to be accompanied of the husband or kids, because they talk as their way and want be accepted as they. But, when her husband or any kid is together; she realizes, thanks God, that her husband is so much better than she used to see him. He has so much quality than defects and so much richness than her so. And then she starts to cry. There happened that many times.
When a woman is into problem about her son, I call both to come together. And then I ask her to be silent ant to listen to the son. Sometimes he get embarrassed, but soon Maria instructs me, as were by TV, so I say: look, you educated your son for you, not to live in the world, in the society. You delivery him to Maria and Jesus, but you keep worry to happen to him something bad. First, his mother is Maria. You are just a lender mother; so love your kids different so they will be happy, be them 4, 5, 6, 7, 15, 20, 30-years-old or over. And then they open a big smile and I say: help your son be happy! The same observe concern your husband. He commits any delict and she says that do not forgive him. But, she commits more delict then him so!

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Does your mission is concern the family so?

CIDINHA – Well, I start to realize that it is.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Did you published the insights messages concern it?

CIDINHA – Nao. When Maria deliver the massages, and at her house, they start to question what do they mean; what she wants from? And then I do not get to answer enough, or even attend all people, so I write down them. I put them on the paper after pray and ask for authorization from the Virgin. While she doesn’t answer me saying that I may do that, I don’t do. When it come the authorization I forward them soon. By this way help many people. I use to clarify that I speak by my own count assuming all responsibility. I take the opportunity that they question about what Maria wants writing such messages. I say that she doesn’t want to scare us; in opposite she want to help us grow up in faith to help the men, and so the humanity be safe from sin.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Do you have other missions?

CIDINHA – Well, I don’t know. I just seek to be obedient concern she requested me about, and when I do not understand what she wants to tell me (us) writing on the leaves; she write again and says: “daughter, you did understand anything! Daughter, I meant that ….” By this way I up grade, more and more into her insights. So, I just write when people ask me to. I speak at Maria house or at family house when I visit them, and so they either ask me for, saying: “write, write it will be helping many other families; so when Maria says, yes, I do so.
(At this time there happens a brave interruption).

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Do you have other missions beside evangelize/educate the women?

CIDINHA – I don’t know how to answer. I don’t know what to say about.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Did you set published Holy Mother Messages?

CIDINHA – Some of them was did through the book with any opinions concern their insights. It already helped many people.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – How many books was published?

CIDINHA – For now just one. The messages of Maria are lots. At the end of the book I printed my comments as said. But it is not enough. I have many writings. When someone ask me for I may publish; but if not will remain for the future times.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Why don’t publish a book with all Maria’ messages?

CIDINHA – Well, I think that the messages of Maria are very important. I don’t want to impact the world, the humanity. They have to looking for understand the messages, and put them into practice the messages of Maria! I get a little bit scared to write; I write something when people ask me for and insist; but I don’t like to write.

AIDA – Father Rene is questioning you concern that because each survey he performs concern all seer, he joint to their biography, all messages of Maria concern that event. You said that you keep those Maria gives you in private times; but, could you give him some published ones?

CIDINHA – Of course I can.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Ok, so you think about, please, for tomorrow because after tomorrow will be too much latter. Do you have any message for the future of the Church?

CIDINHA – Well, we have to pray a lot; pray a lot and make performed our parte. We have to pray a lot to the Church because we are the church! Also, Maria is highlighting insights concern extinction of the men; the end of the men in the world; even she ask us to pray to the priests, holy pope and other authorities of the Church. Well, if the priests make renounce about secular life to work saving soul, we have to support them by comprehension, give power to them going on by good way; instead, many times by our jealousy, intolerance we do not help the Church so!

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – And so you are not feminist, are you?

CIDINHA – Ah! Once a priest said to me like: “I’m not recognize you. You have to play in favor of the women”. I replay; the women are as Eva was. But we have to be as Virgin Mary is. So I have to play helping the women change to be as Maria, so! (Laughs).

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Concern the messages for the future. Do you feel scared about the future?

CIDINHA – No, I don’t! Even though all plights and difficulty we effort, we may still do little heaven in the earth; into our home; living together at neighbour whatever, it is so good! So, I am not scared about. I try my best to put done my part.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Well, the end of the world could be the return of Jesus Christ …!

CIDINHA – Ok, but as I see about Maria, Mother Him, He already is among us. He had ascent to the heaven but even stays here.

FATHER RENE LAURENTIN – Well just a little piece, no. He is whole into the Holy Eucharist.

CIDINHA – Even more better that he is whole in the earth. No, it is because I said that: “He stays part at the heaven and part in the earth”. And so it is better that he is whole full time here. Even better so!

AIDA – He is thanks you and saying; if you have something else to add, tomorrow you will have time to.

CIDINHA – Ok, thanks.